Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Sweet Boy Turned 3

Happy Birthday Levi.
You are such a big boy.
Can't believe you are already 3 years old:))

Levi had two birthday parties to celebrate his 3rd birthday. He was so happy and loved all of the attention.

Saturday's celebration was with the grand parents that live out of town. They came and had a small party and the grandpa's and Richard worked on the vans to get them up and running...AGAIN! LOL

Grandma Waring and Cousin Michaela playing with Levi's elephant.
Grandma Rothwell

This is the yucky elephant that Grandpa and Grandma gave Levi. It was squishy and you could feel the guts inside. LOL
Levi loved it!

Lots of love from all of the Grandparents

The birthday cake Grandma Waring made Levi. She makes great cakes. :)

Cousin Michaela

Levi and his beloved sisters :))

And gifts to boot!

Then on Tuesday we had Levi's big birthday party with all of our friends, his birthmother, and lots and lots of pizza.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

Reiko, Levi's birthmother and I, put this party together as a team. She brought the cake and I decorated.

We couldn't resist and the poor boy has no choice but to be smothered in our kisses.
We all just love him so much!

Reiko and our friend Aide.

Reiko and Heidern

My wonderful hubby!
(Thank you for all you do for your children)

Me, Bailey and her friend Derek

This is exactly why I love open adoption. I love that Levi will have these kind of pictures to always cherish and the memories of his birth parents in his life.

Bailey and Derek

...and Lalo our friend.

Addi loving up on her sweet brother.

Levi and his best friend Josiah. Levi sometimes refers to him as his "Boy" and says he needs to play with his "Boy" Josiah LOL I have a feeling that these two will be life long friends. Here Josiah is giving him a birthday kiss. Levi looks real happy about it. Hahahaha

We had lots of friends come and celebrate with us.
(Di, Beau, Stewart's sister, Stewart and Amanda)

Our Pastor Chris and his wife...and my friend, Meagan. :)

Susan, my very dear friend

Paul and his wife Jeannie... Love them!

Bailey's birthmother, Michelle. By the way... Love your new hair cut! Beautiful!

And her hubby David :))

Kathryn holding Heidern, Megan, Michelle, and Reiko

Also had three very BEAUTIFUL babies.
Megan and Chris' twins (Tristyn & Taylor) and Aide is holding Heidern.

The whole group couldn't be photographed in one picture...LOL

So here is the other half.

Oh, and I had to get my grandbaby fix! Heidern is just so precious to my heart and he definitely has me wrapped around his little finger.

My sweet boy had to have a party hat too.

Just before Levi blew out the candle, about 18 -20 of Bailey's school friends circled our table and sang happy birthday to Levi. This kind of support only happens in small towns you know. I loved it! Thanks guys for showing up loving on us.

Blowing out the candle...

Both Levi and his buddy Josiah did it together.

Lots of special gifts.

(Thanks everyone)

While the adults talked and enjoyed each other the younger kids couldn't resist playing with the toys.

...And driving the race car game too.

Everyone had a great time together and Levi had a blast. He was so wound up that he was kind of up late still playing with his new toys.

It truly was a wonderful celebration.

Levi is such a special little boy in all of our lives.

Thank you Jesus for gifting us with this little man and causing our lives to be so blessed!

We love you so much son!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Life Center Clinic

Good Morning :))
Just thought I'd share the events of my day yesterday.
Addison received her new glasses. Blue...or course!
She's super proud to get them and can't wait to go to school and show her friends. It tickles my heart to see her so happy. What a beautiful kid she is (inside and out) and I'm so proud to be her Mommy!
... You look great Addi :))
So... Yesterday,
I left town with Levi and my friend Susan to Larned, Kansas for my sister Sheila's, open house of her Life Center Clinic. It was a 4 hours drive but Levi slept most of the way and it was great to catch up with my friend. The house was full of extended family and I was amazed at how everyone fit and slept comfortably. In the morning, after my shower I was surprised to discover my son had left me a little gift in the tooth paste. This was a new tube so I was confused as to why it would not squeeze out. I then noticed that there was something brown deep inside the tube. I began to pull it out and ....

Any guesses what it was?
Yep, a Tinker Toy. Remember those? They were my husbands when he was a kid and Levi loves to play with them. Apparently they fit just perfectly inside a new tube of tooth paste. LOL
I had to laugh and grab the camera because I knew, no one would believe me if I told them.
So...anyone want a new tube of tooth paste? This one's now available...Yuck! LOL That boy keeps me laughing! He certainly keeps me on my toes and it always amazes me with what's going on inside his little head.

First a bit of background of the clinic itself. Several months ago I helped my sister, Sheila fix up an office space to house her new clinic. She'd just finished her midwifery schooling. She is a nurse practitioner already and last year decided to finish her schooling and also become a midwife. This has been something that Lord has placed in her heart a long time go. Here are some before and after shots of the office space and the changes I made to it.

Here is the blue wall before...

And after..

Old pieces off furniture I found in my brother-in-laws storage and antique store. Money was limited so we made due with what we could find.


And after... The taller shelf is for donated items to bless new mothers and also a lending library of maternity books and videos. The display case houses pregnancy models and shows the stages of pregnancy.

The red hat is because Sheila was honored by her midwifery school to be the most ambitious of her class. She keeps the hat until the next graduating class and it gets passed on to the next honored student.

The waiting room with plain walls before....

And after...

The other side of the waiting room

The exam room. Love the comfy couch and leather rocker rather then the typical cold exam room.

And the exam table on the other side of the room.

The lab area

Here is the real reason this clinic is so special. Jesus is everywhere and the peace is undeniable.

So yesterday the doors of the clinic were officially opened to the public.
The Chamber of Commerce served the coffee hour and hosted the open house. Many towns people showed up and for a little over an hour, people drifted in to see the new clinic.

My niece, Jojo was giving tours and explaining what goes on in each room.

This is Sheila in the white shirt and her hubby Jack behind her in the tan shirt. I'm just so proud of all they are doing.

My other sister, Janene was being silly with her daughter, Jojo before the open house.

And her own version of chiropractic medicine. LOL Levi wasn't sure what Aunt Neni was doing to his cousin Jo. hahaha

The open house was great and clients are already calling and making appointments. Sheila will tend to family care but her major desire is to the birthing mama's. I will also work with her as a doula in her practice. Can't wait to actually work side by side with her.
She's amazing!