Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Church Remodel

This past week we've been working on our church entry way. We spent literally days chipping up tile and scraping the mortar underneath. We couldn't have done this project without the support of everyone willing to get on their knees and use EVERY OUNCE of their energy.
Thanks (Bailey, Richard, Pastor Chris, Paul, Stewart, Amanda, Mayshell and Arlinton)
It was horrific...LOL
We also couldn't have done it without the awesomeness of Will and Shay (Bailey's birth family) who gave support, knowledge and donated product to do the staining correctly.
Thanks guys, we love you :))
But, when we look at the finished project, we love it and it all seemed worth it.
Here is the before pictures

And here are the after...

Here is the awesome table we found at the Goodwill store and fixed up. We think it looks great and is perfect for the space.

As you can see, the floor has a wonderful pattern on it from the old tiles. We couldn't have hoped for it to turn out any better. :))

God is Good!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Our treat for Valentines Day was a sweet hockey game. I'm okay with most sports, but hockey is my favorite! Last night's game was AWESOME and we won the game with a 6 to 1 victory.
It was GREAT!!!
It was the Mavericks vs Mississippi RiverKings

The kids are just like me and absolutly LOVE hockey. We're pretty convienced that Levi should become a player and would most-likely be the most penalized player for fighting too.
Our boy's got some spunk in him and would be really great! We'd get used to him being toothless. LOL

Tonight was Disney night and the kids all got free Disney stuffed toys.

The place was a packed house and every seat was filled. Here's our Maverick mascot.

During intermission they let all of the mascots play a game of broom ball. It was cute!

And of course hockey, wouldn't be hockey without a good fight or two. This was the second one. I thought it was amazing that the refs. just stood there and let them at it. I guess it's a bit like when Josiah and Levi go at it at church some times. Megan and I just stand there for a second and see if they can work it out. Usually they end up on the floor and have to be busted up...Just as the fights here in hockey. Hummm.... Maybe those boys would be good to play hockey together. It would be best though to have them on the same team. LOL

Here was the hockey puck toss to win money.

And here was the clean up from when a player got WHACKED with a high stick and had to go for stiches for sure. Poor guy! Had to be painful!

And here was our Win!!! Go MAVERICKS!!!

We had a great time and can't wait to go again. If you haven't gone to a hockey game in should go. It's a BLAST!

Happy Valentines Day :))

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Church Remodel Project

This week hubby and I, have been up to our necks in a remodel project at our church. We started on Tuesday and had it all finished by Saturday night and ready for Sunday morning worship. God is so good and provided everything we needed. We also had a wonderful group of people with willing hearts to help with the load of work it took to finish.
The first day of our project was not too bad and allowed us to get the carpet steamed cleaned and set outside of the building to dry... but Friday it was a different story. We woke to everything covered in a blanket of snow.
It was absolutely beautiful.

Here is our humble little church and the before pictures. We were thankful to be in a building and blessed with a small stage, podium, sound equipment and chairs to sit on. This is how it's looked for the past year that we've made this our church home. We all joked that with the slatted walls, mirrors and funky tile floors it looked like we were meeting in an old shoe store. :)

So this past week, we were blessed to have found a good deal on some used carpet and padding. With our small church and it's VERY limited funds, it was perfect and gave us inspiration to do a complete church remodel.

Because my hubby, Richard does flooring for a living and I do decorating, we were put to the task of coming up with the layout and design of the project. Both of us went straight to our knees and asked the Lord to help pull it all together. It was amazing to watch just how perfectly He did so also. Everyone pitched in with their time and abilities and things began to happen. I was even amazed that those who had their lives full with jobs, family, babies or disabilities, dropped everything and came to bless in any way they could. There is nothing more beautiful then to see the body of Christ come together to meet needs like this.
It was Awesome!

Here is the pieces of carpet all laid out and being cleaned by our wonderful Ted. When we saw them laying there, we knew that Richard would have his work cut out for him.
It was a mess! LOL

Things really started taking off when the slot boards started coming down off of the walls.

It was a job that took several VERY strong and determined guys to do. Those things were so heavy.
Even Pastor Chris went to town on those puppies! LOL

I can't tell you how happy I was when I called Brian, who does mud and drywall for a living, to my rescue. If he had not come and fixed the walls, I would have had to and it would have never looked as good as it did when he finished.
Thanks Brian...
You saved me once again!

In my design, I needed a pillar built and laminate put on the stage area. Even though many thought I was nuts, Richard, my awesome husband, loved me enough to do it.
Thanks honey, it turned out beautiful!
I think many thought I'd lost my mind, and clearly needed more sleep, when the mud started going on the wall for the foe rocks. LOL

Paul was doing his best to make sure Richard measured up as well.
Thanks Paul, he needs to be kept in line. LOL

And Jeanine was incredible! She would come to me and say... Okay, what can I do? Poor Jeanine ended up stuck with some of the worst jobs and in turn, was covered in sanding dust and left with the task of cleaning out the mud buckets.
Couldn't love you more, lady!
Thank you!!

Susan, Megan, Stuart, Amanda, and Mayshell's Mr. Right, all pitched in with so much energy to do the daunting task of painting everything.
You guys are all AMAZING!!... and we couldn't have done it without you.

Arlinton is setting up the sound system and everything looked perfectly hid behind our wonderful sound system walls built by my Daddy. Thanks so much for all you've done for us dad, you're heart for our fellowship is beautiful!

So here is the finished picture of our little church. Everything and everybody came together and now we have a place to worship that is as sweet and precious as the people who attend.

Couldn't believe how quickly things were done and everything was cleaned up and ready in time for service on Sunday.

Mayshell and Anna even snuck in early to do one more, once over cleaning.

Here we are doing a sound check and getting ready for our worship. Poor Arlinton had to redo all of his hard work when our divaness and preferences of where we needed to stand for hearing each other messed up his layout.

Here is Addi playing peeka-boo with the twins as we practiced worship.
I think those girls are my biggest fans. They don't even notice when I play a sour note. LOL

Some of our church body.
I just love these people so much!

God has truly blessed our little fellowship and I'm eager to see what new things He has in store for us this year. As we've already seen... He can do anything!