Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Lord Builds Our Family

When Richard and I married 22 years ago, we dreamed of having a large family.  We thought that family would be children from our genetics but the Lord had other plans.  For employment, we worked at a temporary shelter that housed teenagers in need of state care.  It was in this line of work that I first met our daughter Addison's birthmother (Julie).  It was also at this shelter that I miscarried and lost our only pregnancy through donor insemination.  My heart was broken, my life seemed doomed to be childless and I had lost all hope of ever being a mother.  I remember praying for the Lord to hear my cries and answer my need to be a mother.  I desired it so deeply.  Shortly after losing our pregnancy, we changed jobs and became primary house parents for a group home of state kids.  This home was currently empty and we were able to sort through different files of children needing placement and pick our kids to live and work with.  Peggy was one of these kids.  She was nine years old, called me mom, spunky as all get out, and turned out to be one of my most challenging; yet bonding experiences of my life.
This kid simply grabbed my heart.  

So who is she today?

Today, she still calls me mom, still has my heart as a daughter, is the biological aunt to our daughter Addison..although she will say "No, I rather prefer to think of myself as Addi's older sister.", has three beautiful children who call me Grandma, and is married to a wonderful young man named Richard. 

Yes, we still get a kick out of his name being the same as my husband's.  We tease her that when we told her to find a man to marry like Dad, we didn't exactly mean he had to be named Richard. LOL 
(just a side note... it doesn't help that I call my husband "hun...or honey"  because,  they both still look up at me and answer! LOL   Too funny!)

The Lord has been building my family from the moment I said "I do" to my husband and He's been doing it in ways I couldn't see or understand at the time.  
I'm so thankful that His hand has been upon us and He's placed such beautiful people within my life.  I never thought I would be so blessed to have adopted three such wonderful children (Bailey, Addison and Levi) but what I really didn't see coming was the unique way He would fill my heart and complete my desire for family by also adding to my life the bonds of love I have with their birthparents, birthparents-spouses, birthsiblings, birthaunts, cousins, birthgrandparents, and so much more.  

Here are some photos my sister Janene took of their family.
(Thanks Janene...You are very talented!)

My Beloved Darr Family

Richard and Peggy
My of the heart Son-In-Law, Richard, and Daughter, Peg

Peggy with their girls (Brandi & Tiffany)


Richard with their son (Austin)





And spunky like her Mom, Tiffany


My of the heart, precious three grandchildren 

God is so GOOD and His love for me is far beyond what I can see or understand.

Lord Jesus, soften my heart and continue to open my life to the family You've chosen for me.  Fulfill my desires and complete me as You see best.  Take me past myself and mold me to be not only, the perfect match for my husband but the open hearted mother my children need. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Addison, Our Daughter and Our 3 Grandchildren's Baptizm

Tonight the Bible study was held out at the lake and Addison, Austin, Brandi, and Tiff all got baptized by Grandpa.  It was wonderful!


Thank You Jesus :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Change In The Making (w. lyrics) - Addison Road


 Oh man, ... this one's got me all over it! 

What Do I Know of Holy

This song was humbling today for me.