Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Day At The Museum

Thought I'd share a few pictures from a trip to the museum I took with my friend Susan, Addi, Levi, and her great nephew Ethan. We had a great time and enjoyed our morning together. Outside it was really warm, foggy and although the snow was melting there was still ice on the trees and bushes.

Levi was not too keen on the big stuffed polar bear and even with me holding him, was not too happy. LOL
Addi and Ethan

Levi showing his teeth like the dinosaur's.
Cool reflection of him, huh.
Ethan looks as scared as the rabbit

Levi was on the move and couldn't stop too long for anything. He was so excited. If Susan and I stopped to look as something, Levi would shout..."Hurry Mom!!!, Hurry..You HAVE to see this!!!" I thought he might have a small heart attack, his heart was beating so fast with excitement.

Susan with the boys

The trees were so pretty.

Levi ridding the Jayhawk. Yes, we are big KU fans.

Getting two young, goofy boys to smile is almost impossible. :))

This was a art structure that the campus spent lots of money making. It looks like a tornado of dried sticks. I guess it's pretty fitting for Kansas. Most people around here do wonder what it's like inside one. .... Welp, now we know, minus the wind. LOL

This is looking up from inside it.

Me and the kido's

We had a great time and can't wait to do it again. I know Levi and Ethan would like us to go back every Saturday, if not... just move in and live there.
It truly was a lot of great fun, but my favorite part was just watching the excitement from the kids.
That made my day... Kids are AWESOME!
Thank you Jesus for the one's You've given me.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shame on Him!

So what do you do with a husband that stands on the back of your scale, and makes you think (just for a moment) that you put on 12 lbs over night? LOL
I stood there and thought... I only had a tiny handful of popcorn. How'd that happen?
He's so BAD!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's New With Me

The other day a friend of mine asked why I haven't been blogging since Christmas?
I figure it's time for an update on what's going on with me. I've been super busy since Christmas reading my book requirements for my doula certification. I plan on having it all finished, writing my paper, and turning it all in next month.
I'm also very excited that next, in late Feb. or early March, one of my Cafemom friends is birthing a few hours from me and has asked for me to be her doula.
Can't wait to not only meet in person, but... to get to serve as her doula,
is just over the top exciting!
Along with focusing on my doula things, I've been working on getting my body in shape and getting my diabetes under control. I know that if I'm to do an embryo adoption one day, I need my body to be ready. I also have to be able to show my Dr. and Sheila, my midwife, that I'm serious about carrying a pregnancy and can pull it off safely.
Each morning I'm faithfully exercising 20-30 minutes and soon will advance that to either longer in the mornings or splitting it and doing another 20-30 minutes in the evening.
I also took one of our spare rooms and turned it into my own personal study/fitness room. I wanted to create a no fail environment for reading (I get distracted easily) and logging my blood sugars, meal prep, exercise, and weight loss, so I stocked this room with nothing but things to help keep me on track and the kids have to stay out!! LOL
Here is my messy, chicken -scratch logging of everything. I track my blood sugars three x's a day, my morning weight, exactly everything I've eaten, water I drank, exercise, and when I've taken my medications. If you look closely, you can see that Levi also has helped me do some journaling when I wasn't looking and hasn't understood the No Kids in the room concept. Hahaha... I think it's cute that he snuck in to leave me a sweet note in my journal. Maybe this was his way of encouraging me.
Thank you Levi :))
I've also added a new (kind of ugly) watch to my daily attire. This watch has three different alarm settings that helps me remember when to eat my snacks and mid day meal. I always forget to eat in the day time and then over eat at night when I'm starving. I can't tell you how much this has helped me. It's ugly but I love it!
Here is the foods I have stocked in my little frig. It's so easy to go in and just grab what I need and am not tempted to eat something else that's in the kitchen's refrig. It's great!
I'm also now drinking tons of water. I try and drink anywhere from 6-11 of these tall glasses each day.
I'm eating 2 snacks and 3 main meals a day. Most of my main meals are frozen Weight Watcher meals to help me get used to smaller portions and they are low in sugar and I can grab and eat them quickly. I figure after I build a good habit of eating these smaller meals I then can go back to cooking and having better control over my home cooking and portion size. I did pre-cook some burgers I like to call Fiesta Burgers. They are made from fresh ground turkey, veggies and lots of seasoning. I love them and can pull one from the freezer quickly and eat as a snack. I also try and eat a handful of lettuce or salad with each meal. I know... the salad in this pic. is kind of sad looking, but It was all I had before shopping. LOL

Here is another favorites of my snacks. I think of it as a diabetic friendly turkey hoggie sandwich. It's a few big leafs of lettuce, turkey, and mustard. It's crunchy and satisfies.
Here's some of my pre-frozen Fiesta Burgers. I took an afternoon with a friend and pre-cooked these little puppies up and froze them in tiny little individual servings.
And I don't care how good you are trying to be with your eating, you are going to have those days when you just want to eat something yummy. So... Here is my yummy snack. I found these diabetic friendly yogurts. They are 50 cal., zero sugar, and 3 carbs. I like to eat mine with a very small handful of frozen blueberries.
Everything is going so good. I've gotten my blood sugar levels drastically down, my medications are finally being taken as they should and this week I've lost 9 lbs. My body is loving this and my mind is feeling like the fog of uncontrolled diabetes is lifting.

God is so good and I think that this is all in His perfect timing. Who knows....Maybe He has our embryo babies just right around the corner in my life and it won't be long before we finally get to meet them.