Monday, December 15, 2008

My Baby Girl is now 10

Saturday we celebrated Addison's 10th birthday. This year she wanted to have a skating party with her family, birth family (Travis, Julie, TJ & Tyler) and a few close friends. I borrowed a camera and nabbed some very priceless pictures. For some reason, today...Julie allowed me to take pictures.

She even smiled. LOL :))
(Julie hates her picture taken so it's a real treat to be able to blog these ones.)

This first one is the cake Julie made for Addison. Addi, wanted a florescent one with black. Julie makes the most beautiful cakes and this one was the BOMB! We loved it!

Oh..the camera I borrowed has no screen and no view finder. You just point it and shoot. So I wasn't sure what I was actually getting until I got home and downloaded them.

That's why some of the pictures are off center.

Addi, her friends Jaiana, and Jake

The kids had glow sticks too...What fun!
Blowing out the candles
Levi, was feeling much better today and got through the whole party without being sick. Yay!
This is his "You are annoying me with that camera look." Hahaha...

He also looks so much like his birth mother, Reiko in this pictures.
What a silly and beautiful boy!

So... Yep, you guessed it...
For the love of my daughter, I'm strapping on the skates and going for it.

Me doing the "YMCA"
And the "Hokey-Poky"
Poor Tyler (Julie and Travis' daughter) was benched for the entire party due to a hurt knee. She's such a trooper though and hardly let on that it was COMPLETELY breaking her heart to not get to skate.
(I'm so sorry Tyler...We love you so much!)
She did however get to play Air Hockey with Bailey. I'm not sure who won. (Sorry the eyes are scary...bum camera)

Addi and her friends

Natasha, Jaiana's mom came and was such a blessing.
Thank you Natasha soooo very much.

This is TJ. (Julie and Travis' son) He's so funny and every time I see him, he's grown another 4 inches. I think I can use this picture as black mail one day when he's too busy to fix my computer or something. He's one of those super smart teens that can do anything on a computer that we adults can't.

What a goof-ball!

Had to throw this one in of my VERY handsome hubby that is an incredible Daddy to our children!

This year has been a very difficult financial year but God has been so good to us in that even this party, He's paid for. It was such a relief that although works been slow for hubby, it did not effect the joy of our 10 year old and her dream skating party. Again...God You are soooo incredibly good!
Happy Birthday Addison!
You are such a blessing in our lives
and we are so proud of you...

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Megan Hartshorn said...

i have tears in my eyes too... seeing that last photo of Addi and her birth family. the Lord is soo good! we love you all so much and praise the Lord for the work He has done and is doing in your lives. you are such a testimony to His faithfulness and provision and grace.