Friday, October 30, 2009

Ever wonder what love truly looks like?...

This morning I was really struggling with emotions... Feeling the longing for our embryo babies and for God to open the door for our heats desire.
I was pretty much a mess!
So a huge part of me was thankful that we've been busy this past week with remodeling our kitchen and floors. The distraction has been good.
This morning when I'm struggling with my pity party, I received a phone call from Levi's birthmother Reiko. She said that her hubby and his friends didn't have to work today and they decided to come help me with whatever needed done. I can't tell you how much this touched me to have them come and bless me like this. It was also great to hold Heidern and have some Grandma time with him.
It was just what I needed.

If you've ever wondered what love looks like, here is a perfect picture.
These guys came to do nothing more than bless me and ...Man, did they ever!
They worked all day long tearing out our wood floors throughout the house. (Everywhere we are going to put tile.) I just stood around in amazement of how much they love me to do such hard ...really hard work. Especially when all I had to offer them was a can of pop. Even that was hot due to a lack of cups and ice. I'm pretty sure they had no idea that the Lord had used them to pull me from my sadness and stop the flood of tears that were building to blow this morning.

Poor Heidern was not exactly sure why everyone was banging hammers and making so much noise. LOL

God is so good and my love for these guys and Reiko is overflowing.
They truly are precious to me!

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Jen said...

Have you considered going to a clinic that has embryos available? I know of two- one in St. Louis and one in LA, just a thought!!!