Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Church Remodel

This past week we've been working on our church entry way. We spent literally days chipping up tile and scraping the mortar underneath. We couldn't have done this project without the support of everyone willing to get on their knees and use EVERY OUNCE of their energy.
Thanks (Bailey, Richard, Pastor Chris, Paul, Stewart, Amanda, Mayshell and Arlinton)
It was horrific...LOL
We also couldn't have done it without the awesomeness of Will and Shay (Bailey's birth family) who gave support, knowledge and donated product to do the staining correctly.
Thanks guys, we love you :))
But, when we look at the finished project, we love it and it all seemed worth it.
Here is the before pictures

And here are the after...

Here is the awesome table we found at the Goodwill store and fixed up. We think it looks great and is perfect for the space.

As you can see, the floor has a wonderful pattern on it from the old tiles. We couldn't have hoped for it to turn out any better. :))

God is Good!!

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