Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pizza, Parade, and a Wonderful Day With My Kido's

For St. Patricks Day, Michelle (Bailey's birth mom and Kathryn her 1/2 birth sibling) joined the kids and I for a day of fun. Aaron, Bailey's friend came along too.

Here is a shot with me and the kids. Getting them all to smile is something else. LOL

Before the parade started we went to a little pizza shop called Rudy's for lunch.

Kathryn and Addison

Michelle and Kathryn

Me and Michelle :))

Bailey and her friend Aaron

Me :))

Levi was telling me that he could see two fish in the fish pond. I thought it was so cute that I took several pictures of him.

The pizza was awesome! Yummy veggies with a wheat crust.

This was Aaron's pizza when he was done. LOL

As you can see, Michelle and I had no problem eating all of ours. Hahaha

Addison being a goof and missing her mouth with the breath spray. That's my girl!

After lunch and after I spend a good 20 minutes drying my son's jacket from when he decided it was a good idea to try and catch the fish in the fish pond (thank goodness for the hand dryers in the bathroom),... we still had to wait a good 30 minutes for the parade to start. Levi brought his own drum so time went a bit faster for him.

He was such a happy boy when he heard the music and saw the parade coming.

After the parade, we all went to the Goodwill and had fun shopping. Yes, I will admit that I'm always on the hunt for a second hand deal whether it's from a discount store, garage sale or the local Goodwill. Aaron was a trooper and we all had a good laugh when we found some funky big glasses.

And to top off the fun day we all went back to the house and had a girl + Aaron hair party. I told Aaron that he will make is wife a very happy woman, if he's willing to do her hair for her. It is the test of knowing if you've married your best friend or not. He thought it sounded fun and to be honest, he was pretty good at it too.

Here the girls are all letting the goop sit on their hair and process.

Wish I had the after pictures to show you but after they finished their hair, everyone scattered and went their own way. Everyone's hair turned out beautiful and even Michelle and I got ours done. Aaron texted Bailey and said he had a blast so I guess we didn't scare him off with too much girly stuff.
He was a trooper.
All in all, it was a great day and we enjoyed our time together. So far spring break has been fun and it's got me looking forward to summer when the kids are home more often.

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