Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy, Busy Week

This week has been packed with family and projects to keep us busy.  Addison has a market project at school where the kids earn play dollars for points earned during the weeks prior.  Then, they have to come up with a project that they can make and sell at market.  On market day several class rooms participate and sell their items and buy other kids items with the dollars earned. 
Are you confused?  LOL 
Here is Addison's project for this market.  She made creative magnetic clips...to hold pictures and such. She worked hard on them and I think they turned out cute!...Yes, I helped her some and it was fun!  LOL

The pollywog's are made from fishing lures without hooks.

This is how well they work.  Pretty cool huh!

 Also, this week we've had Reiko & Gabby, Pollo & Jauni and Heidern over for a BBQ.  Look how cute the boys are.  Heidern is getting so big!  It was great to see Levi loving on him.  All night long he kept saying.... "Can I hold my birf-half-brother, Keiden?"  That's quite a mouth full for a three year old to say and understand.  But we love that he's sorting it all out and putting his genetic roots in order for his relationship with Heidern.  We just hope that soon he will be able to correctly pronounce his name before Heidern is older, so he won't get confused with being called both Heidern and Keiden.  LOL

And last but not least, we had a full day with Michelle (Bailey's birthmother) and her graduation from Phoenix University.  I couldn't be more proud of her. 
Yay Michelley....We love you!!!
( sorry the pics were dark at the graduation but it was the best I could do)

Kathryn loving on her Grandma during the ceremony

Bailey and Addi...I love my girls seeing Michelle work so hard and graduate.
Levi was a ham during the ceremony.  He befriended a sweet little old Grandma on one side of us and also a cute little boy on the other side.  The boy is not shy and wants to know everyone.  It was funny!

It's so important that our kids have these bonding and memorable events with their birth parents.  Michelle overcoming her difficulties and fears to finish school like this, is such a testimony to my girls.  You can do anything you set your heart and mind to do.   We are blessed to have our kid's birthparents in our lives and treasure them so deeply.  They truly are a part of our family and our lives are complete with them in it.

Kathryn loving on her Mommy :))

Here is the reception party for her graduation.  It was fun.

Her hubby David and my Richard carried in the cake.  They acted like it was heavy to get Michelle and my sympathy for having to carry it. 
 What nuts!  Too funny!

Levi couldn't wait to dig into the cake :)

Michelle's Mother-In-Law and some Aunts, Grandmother, Parents and even her Pastor and His wife all attended.  It was great to see everyone.

Michelle's parents  :)) 
Loved getting to talk with them and we had plenty of good laughs as Bailey told them of her recent new car and how she wrecked it 5 days later.  Geeze!!!  Teenagers!!

Megan loving on me :)) It was great that they came and showed their love for all of us. 
Michelle, you've worked so hard... Couldn't be more proud of all you've accomplished!
You go girl!
Love you!!!
Thank you Lord, Jesus for Michelle! 
We pray that You will bless her and her family and bring her the most awesome; perfect employment for whatever career path she chooses... and that all of her hard work will seem worth it very soon. 
In Jesus name....Amen! 


Lacie said...

WOW! Your family is amazing! I, too am on the path of embryo adoption! Hop on over to my blog to check out my journey. My blog's name is Funny Little Pollywogs, how crazy is it that you made Pollywogs this week for your son's project at school?!? I need some Pollywogs!!!


Angela said...

That is too cool to get to cherish those moments with the birth families! Amazing!