Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strenghtens Me

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been gone for a while but now have a few minutes to update what’s been going on with our family.

On the 5th of July, my husband Richard climbed a ladder to fix a leak in our roof. As soon as he stepped onto the roof, he slipped, fell backwards, and landed very hard on our deck. We are praising Jesus that the deck helped to cushion his fall because things could have been much worse. As it was though, Richard hit his head pretty hard and suffered a seizure. Everything was pretty scary for our family and loved ones as they watched the Life Star helicopter take off and fly him to the hospital that best deals with head traumas. Every day we see improvements with him and he is now walking with a cane and regaining his balance and motor skills and working towards a general feeling of himself.

I have cried buckets of tears and walked through some of my deepest fears only to find that the Lord has Never …Not even for a moment, left my side. I feel like this experience is taking me through a boot-camp training to trust the Lord in and for EVERYTHING! Through this, I am being humbled, stripped of hidden pride, and strengthened in areas I had no idea needed changing. I am finding too that I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME even when I don’t want to. And… That He’s making of me a stronger person then I ever thought possible.

We have been blessed by the many prayers and kindnesses shown our family and I can’t even express how deep many of these acts have touched us.

  • Someone fixed our leaks on the roof 

  • Many have brought meals and groceries to feed our family 

  • Stood by my side and waited, prayed, cried, supported, and cared for me at the hospital

  • People have loved and cared for my children and helped keep a sense of peace and normalcy in their daily we've worked through this

  • A person has built a beautiful porch railing to assure Richard will not get hurt if he gets off balance going in the front door 

  • Others have cleaned, done laundry, tackled my dirty kitchen, allowed me to take naps, and filled my gas tank 

  • A couple bought plants and planted our garden, taken down our dog run, cleaned up the yard of weeds, unwanted shrubbery, fixed our stairs door to always spring shut assuring safety  

  • And…others have stayed with my household and allowed me time alone to do shopping, run errands, and helped me fill out the endless amounts of paperwork , and even fixed my vacuum and weed eater 

  • There was even a wonderfully kind person who twice fixed my computer when it crashed with a nasty virus while we were at the hospital

  • Oh… and yes, there are others who have touched my heart and sent funds to help cover the unpaid bills as Richard is not able to work during his recovery
 For all of these things… and so much more, our family would like to thank you. With each of your acts of kindness, love and thoughtfulness, we have truly been touched and have seen Jesus working through you.
Lord Jesus,
thank You for All You have brought us through, thank You for protecting our Daddy from being hurt worse and thank You, so much, for the continued recovery he’s having. Thank You for never leaving me and keeping me strong when I felt so weak and scared. Thank You for giving me my best friend back a little more each day and showing me that NOTHING is outside of Your hands. You truly are an AMAZING God and although my flesh wars against the things You are walking me through, I trust You with my life and family and welcome the change You are bringing about in our lives.

We love You, Lord Jesus…
With Everything!


Ashley said...

That is so scary! Glad to hear he's improving. Praying for your family!

Angela said...

Awww, Tracey! I'm in tears, because I LOVE how God is taking care of you all! Wish I could be there and take you out for a much needed break or watch Levi as he hides Purdy again and then help find the poor chicken!(we still get the biggest kick out of that one at our house)

Love you bunches and am praying for all of you! Praying for more and more miracles!