Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Story

Welcome to Our Story...

The Waring Family

Richard (42), Tracy (39)
Bailey (16), Addison (9), Levi (2)
& our dog, Bob

Richard and I have been happily married for 20 years. We've lived those 2o years with the knowledge, that we would never naturally conceive a biological child of our own. Early in our walk with infertility we attempted to achieve a pregnancy through DI and on our final try, were told we were pregnant. Our hearts were overjoyed but, this joy was short lived as I miscarried our precious little one.

We were devastated. We couldn't understand why God would place such a deep rooted desire for children in our hearts and then take our baby from us. Wounded and completely humbled, we sought the Lord and decided to not pursue further treatments and instead, left our desire for a family in the Lord's hands.

It was not long after our miscarriage that God showed us He had another plan. We now have three beautiful children, all brought into our family through separate open adoptions.

Bailey, Addison, & Levi

God has shown us that we can trust Him to build our family. Our adoption journey has been a long one but, the Lord has NEVER failed us and we've learned that He only has the best in store for us. With each child, we were able to witness their births... although, with our son, I witnessed his birth but, had no idea at the time, that he was to be my son. It's funny how God works.

Bailey was born right around the same time that our baby that was miscarried, would have been. What a beautiful comfort to a wounded heart she was. I never could imagine I could love a child so deeply as I did, the moment I placed my eyes upon her.

Bailey's Birth...I was so scared to hold her. Thought I might drop her. LOL

After seeing what God could do...we started praying for a second child. Each night we'd pray with our daughter Bailey for God to bring us a baby brother and Bailey would interrupt our prayers and correct us...as she'd say, she wanted a sister. I know God was listening to her because 6 years later, God brought us Addison.

Addi was such a wonderful surprise. I still get teary-eyed, as I think back on the miraculous way God worked to bring her to us.

This was the first time we were able to touch her...She was so tiny!

Now we were hooked! God had brought into our lives two such wonderful children, we hoped and prayed God would bless us again, with a third.

But... instead, He did something we did not expect. He opened our eyes to embryo adoption. Richard felt that it was something for us but, I was afraid to step in that direction for fear it was not the Lord's will for us. That night, the Lord spoke to my heart that indeed, it was. We were overjoyed and thought that it would be something that God would do that year but, to our weariness, it has been over 6 years and we are still waiting.

As our eyes stayed focused upon embryo adoption, the Lord wonderfully surprised our family with the addition of our son, Levi.

Levi came through our ministry and I witnessed his birth but, at the time, had no idea he was to be my son. He entered our family at 13 months and our love for him was just as strong, as it was for our daughters. Even with joining our family at 13 months we felt we'd never missed a beat in our bonding with him.

To be at his birth and have this photos is such a treasure! (I was holding him for his BM to see)

This road of adoption to build our family has been an amazing journey. One that I would never change! We've learned the lessons of waiting over the past 20 years as our family was being built. And now...our hearts are again, waiting to complete our family through frozen embryo adoption. We are currently, in the place of praying, praying, and praying some more, that God will bring us our Donor family and our precious embryo babies soon. We've learned that ALL things are possible and continue to pray for God to show His will for our lives.


It's my hope that in sharing our story and our pictures, that someone else might be encouraged. The road of infertility is so difficult and the hope of a child can be so hard to keep alive, as time moves slowly...ever so slowly and nothing seems to come. I want that person, that's waiting, to know..that God is in control and although time moves on and there seems no hope, God has a plan for you. His plan may not always be what we thought...but I've learned it's often times FAR better.

If He's placed a desire in you ....He will fulfill it. Weather it's a child conceived or a child received, God is at work and in His timing, ALL things will come to pass. I hope this encourages you on your journey. Even just posting this encourages me as we wait to finish ours. Blessings to you ...t.

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Such a beautiful lifestory ~ can't wait to hear happy news for you guys!

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