Friday, October 10, 2008

Bailey's 16th Birthday

On Tuesday, Bailey turned 16. I can’t believe how grown up she’s become. For her 16th birthday, she’s asked to have a small slumber party with some close friends and dye her hair dark brown. I figure she is old enough to make her own hair choices and Yes, now she has dark brown hair. Actually, it’s not too bad. She’s beautiful no matter what color her hair is… I am very thankful that she did not ask for something wild like pink or hot red. For her birthday we had a family breakfast and I made yummy chocolate muffins, scrambled eggs with bacon and coffee. She felt so mature drinking coffee with her parents. The younger kids got hot tea and felt just as big.

For her birthday she gets to go to the mall with her friends and pick out her presents. We let her color her hair dark brown and she got her favorite teen movie “Step Up” …a bunch of break dancing. Will (Bailey’s birth father) dropped by in the morning and brought a gift for Bailey’s birthday. I was so touched that he’d driven the hour drive to bring it.

A little later that afternoon, Michelle (her birth mother) came over and brought her “Step up 2” and a hand crocheted blanket that was made my Michelle’s grandmother. I thought this was touching. I told Bailey that this was a piece of her birth heritage and that she needed to always treasure it.

Here are the gifts waiting on the table for Bailey when she got home. I thought it was funny that Will’s gift bag and Michelle’s gift bags both matched the ones we’d chosen for Bailey’s birthday. I guess we were all thinking the same thing this year… “NO PINK”

Here is the blanket Michelle gave Bailey

This is Bailey opening her gift from Will, Shay, and Madison.

She loved it! Here room is decked out in Kansas University and she's nuts about the Jayhawks.

He also gave her a very funny card.

I can't help but be a bit emotional this year as I think about Bailey growing up and becoming such a beautiful young lady. She's no longer that tiny little baby I once held in my arms and couldn't take my eyes off of. I thought I might burst into tears as I talked with Will in my kitchen, about how we only have just a few more years and she will be sprouting her own independent wings. She talks of going to Bible College with her best friend Brie and then wanting to become a police officer. Honestly, I couldn't be more proud and I know she'll do great at both. I just hope I'm strong enough to allow her to venture out there on her own to do it. Uuugghh!

Thank You Lord Jesus for the gift that Bailey has been to my life. What a complete joy! Continue to watch over her as she takes those steps towards her goals in life and becomes who You've made her to be. I pray that she will always understand the love that surrounds her between, her family and her birth families.... And may she never question, for even a moment, the purposes You've held for her life. It's my prayer Lord Jesus, that she will always know You and walk with You... Trusting You always for whatever You hold for her life. And Lord, may she see the beauty You've brought to those who've sorrowed for children and know how comforting her life story has been for those without hope. You truly are an amazing God...

Thank You for our Bailey!

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