Monday, October 12, 2009

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!! A VERY Cold Road Trip

This weekend has been a really great but, cold and exhausting one. Bailey had her band competition in Manhattan, KS. We are kid function groupies so no matter how far they travel the whole family goes with them. This weekend we just happened to have our grandbaby, Heidern with us as well, so this was a full-fun weekend with NO SLEEP!

Can you see the exhaustion on my face? LOL

Michelle (Bailey's BM) and Kathryn (Bailey's 1/2 sister) came with us.

Couldn't imagine a road trip with out them. :))

Because we had to get up really early both of them decided to spend the night.

We had to get up at 3:00 AM to get everyone showered, fed, van loaded, get our Quick Shop coffee, and meet the bus by 5:00AM. Heidern and Levi loved the band music. They both were doing pretty good for getting up so early.

The band had an early practice in the indoor football field at K-State.

It was great that this practice was indoors because ...


Bailey is in the second row, wearing orange.

Bailey is so funny, she is wearing her pj bottoms. She said she didn't care ... it was early and way too cold to wear anything else. Hahaha.. Mind of her own and she doesn't care what others think about it.

Love it!

Me, Heidern (in a front pack), Levi, Richard, and Addi

My sweetie boy :))

He could hardly contain himself from wanting to drum on something. I totally expect this boy to be a drummer one day.

This is what little boy hair looks like when you're showed at 3:00 AM.

Can you see the genetic link? LOL

What a sweetie boy...

I completely enjoyed every sleepless moment we had our precious Heidern. Reiko says we spoil him and Gabby, her hubby says that all Heidern does is cry after spending time at Grandma's house because we hold him the entire time. LOL YEP...WE DO TOO!

The actual band competition was held outside in the stadium.

VERY COLD but, worth it.

Everyone was bundled with coats, and buried under tons of blankets. My parents live about 45 minutes from Manhattan so they came and froze with us to watch Bailey's competition.

Bailey is six back and she's the one that's a foot shorter than anyone else. Hahaha

Couldn't have been more proud of her.

They did really great considering how cold it was.

They ranked a 2. The highest rank is a 1.

This is me and my mom.

Heidern was snug as a bug, under the blankets on my lap.

After the competition, we snagged Bailey from a long bus ride home and instead took her with us back to my parents house. All of us needed some sleep and their house was roasty-toasty with a fire going in the fire place.

Awwww... everyone crashed for naps except for me and Mom.

We both were tired but I couldn't get myself to close my eyes and miss out on even a moment with them.

It's been forever since we've been able to get to Wilsey and see them at their home. I loved being there. Grandma told Levi that he could sleep on his very own little couch.

(She was kidding but he took her serious. LOL)

What a goof!

Addi and Heidern were snuggling on the couch together.

Grandpa, Richard and Bailey all found recliners, blankets and the football game. :))

I told them it looked like a nursing home.


It wasn't long until you could hear the doul snoring....
Poor Bailey!

Michelle and Kathryn found the comfy spare bed and crashed for some much needed sleep.

Mom and I watched the boys and talked as everyone else took naps.

Bailey holding Heidern while dinner was being set.
We had a throw together meal of hot pizza, pop, and salad.
Not too bad for how tired everyone was.

Heidern was feeling a bit sad because he had a bit of constipation.
Poor little guy!
He finally had his moment and was feeling much better...
In fact, he was up for playing with (me) Grandma all night long.
He was quite the happy boy!
It was fun, and we enjoyed our time with everyone. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of Kathryn and Michelle other than the one of them sleeping. We took pictures but I took them with her camera and don't have them here to upload.

The next morning, Reiko met us for church to pick up Heidern. It was hard to let him go back to Mommy. I just love that little buggard so much!


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