Friday, October 9, 2009

This Man Makes My Heart Go Pitter-Patter!

What truly defines a man is the love he holds for his family
Michelle (Bailey's Birthmom) is taking some college courses and is struggling with a math class. So tonight, after working a long day's work, laying tile, my hubby still took time to hold his grandbaby in one arm and help Michelle understand her math homework.

I'm so proud of Michelle...She's working so hard and doing so well in her classes and the love for my wonderful husband is overflowing.
Let me tell you ladies....
There is NOTHING more sexy than a man who loves to hold babies and helps with homework.

My life is so blessed....
Love you Honey!

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Dawson Family said...

I completely agree...although its been a while since the holding a baby thing but the homework thing we have down! :) Missing you and would love to see you...we are coming to Lawrence on Friday to go to Late Night...want to go??