Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet 17

Happy Birthday
This morning I woke to the phone ringing... It was Michelle, Bailey's Birthmother. She called hoping to catch Bailey before she went off to school and wish her a happy birthday. Unfortunately, she missed her; Bailey had just left. Michelle and I talked for quite a bit reminiscing the day that Bailey was born. It touched my heart so much as we talked and shared our memories of the day that forever changed both of our lives and bound us together.
I couldn't help but tear up as we talked and shared our hearts.
(Michelle, you can wake me any time for such a sweet conversation.
I love you lady with everything!)
Remembering her tiny toes, tiny chubby cheeks and such a sweet cry is all I could think about today.
Wow.. it's been 17 years of wonderful!
For Bailey's birthday, we decided to celebrate with some special friends of ours.
Their daughter, Stephanie and our Bailey were born ...

The same night

In the same hospital

By the same Dr.

Within hours of each other


Just rooms apart.

The most amazing part was our families, when the girls were born, didn't know each other. It wasn't until we decided to put Bailey into public school, in the sixth grade, that the girls met and became friends. Bailey was so scared to ride the bus the first day and Stephanie came up to her and was the first person to befriend her and make her feel welcomed.

(Thank you Steph)

It wasn't long and they figured out all they had in common.

So to celebrate the girls turning 17, we all went out for Mexican food at El Mezcal. I couldn't see celebrating their birthday without having Bailey's birth mother Michelle (and her family) there as well. It was so much fun talking about the night the girls were both born.

It's such a small world and still amazes me that these girls found each other and bonded not only as little babies, together in a nursery, experiencing their first breaths of life, but also as young girls starting their first years of middle school together.

How cool!

Stephanie and Bailey (Bailey is in front)

This is the wild cake I bought for the girls. Bailey asked what kind it was and I told her ...

It was just a big pile of Yummm! LOL

The guys at the restaurant all came and sang Happy Birthday to the girls in Spanish.

It's great fun to embarrass them like this. LOL

Here's most of the gang. Stephanie's family (Clark, Jamie,Denise, and Stephanie), our family (Bailey, Richard, Levi,and Addison) and Michelle and her daughter Kathryn are on the ends.

(Michelle, you are hoot in this picture...I love it!)

Here's Kathryn, David, and Michelle.

I told Michelle that I wanted to scoot our tables together so I could better eat off of their plates. :)) She laughed and said... Umm...I'll share my kids but not my food! LOL

I was thankful I was not drinking anything when she said this or I for sure, would have had it coming out my nose.

Way too funny!!!!

Addison and Levi (Every time we ask Levi to smile he closes his eyes. We finally figured out to ask him to show us his teeth and then he smiles. Obviously, I forgot to ask him this time... LOL)

Me and my Michelly...

She hates this nick name I have for her, but it's who she is to me so she tolerates me calling her it. I just can't think of a better way to express my love to her than that she's ...

"My Michelly".

Stephanie being just who she always is... awesome!

Great picture Steph!

Bailey goofing off and wearing the cake lid. It actually was quite funny to watch her try and get her big head back out of it.

Now, that was a picture I wish I'd gotten. hahahaha


We had a blast and the food was great! Couldn't have ever imagined life could be so sweet with our amazing daughter.

I'm just in awe!

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Terra said...

I love these cheerful photos of your family celebration, and that yummy wild looking cake.