Friday, December 11, 2009

Addi's 11th Birthday :))

Last night was Addison's 11th Birthday slumber party. She was pretty excited to get her Ipod touch. Now, she won't have to bug her sister to play on hers. Kids started arriving after school and played and watched fun movies until 11:00 pm when we made them all load up in their pj's for a late night run to Dunkin Donuts.


Grandpa decided to take a quick little nap and Bob decided he'd join him. LOL

I tried to tell Bob to get down and leave Grandpa alone but I think the love between them is mutual because Grandpa said he could stay.
Just look at that face...He knows he's getting away with something.

The ladies from our church surprised Addi by decorating a table with cookies, donuts, and hot cocoa. When we arrived they jumped out shouting


How's this for a cake? LOL

These ladies are AMAZING!

Mayshell did so many of the behind the scene things for Addison's party.

She is such a Blessing!

Kathryn, Bailey, and Tyler

Here is a snapshot of some of the birth sibs with our kido's

Love this of Kathryn and Bailey

Levi being Mr. Funny!

Bailey and my friend Megan

Here's one of me being silly with Michelle and Bailey

Me and my Bails

We had a wonderful time and it was a blast to do it so late at night. I'm sure Addison will remember this birthday party for years to come.

God is good...

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