Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just An Update

We've been so busy these last few weeks, I thought I'd post a few pictures to catch everyone up on the family.
First this is tonight,
Bob was mad at me for giving him his bath today. He and I had a battle of wills and I practically had to lasso him to get him into the tub. He's got to be the heaviest beagle/sharpe on the planet and he almost won too. When he plants his hind end down, it honestly takes Dad to get him up again. It was quite funny to see me dragging him down the hallway with all of my might. LOL
After I won, he was pretty mad at me for the rest of the day.
So... tonight, I showed him some special attention and he decided he's forgiven me.
Yeah, a little Bob love and we are friends again.

This year Thanksgiving was at our house. We had some friends, all three birth mothers, one birth father...their kids, our kids, and even one of our birth mother's, mother came this year. We had something like 24 people all packed in our cozy little house. It was great! I cooked two turkey's and all of the fixings... And everyone else brought lots of yummy pies and cakes. The only glitch we had was the stinking potatoes! For some reason they would not cook.
Next year, I'm starting them before anything else.

Sorry I don't have pictures of the big event...I wish I'd of taken a few but just didn't have time. I did manage to get a few of the kids after things quieted down. I was sad that we thought to take this picture of them after Heidern had already gone home...bummer! It would have been nice to have had him in it too. And, of course we would have loved to of had Madison also. We truly missed our beloved Shotton family.
Trying to get everyone to look forward and smile is almost impossible...
But, we finally did it! Just look how much everyone has grown.
This is TJ, Tyler, Addison, Kathryn, Levi, and Bailey
(TJ and Tyler are Addi's birth sib's and Kathryn is Bailey's)

I did manage to snap a few shots of our tables before everyone showed up.
This started out being the kids table but ended up that everyone just mixed and mingled. It was great!

Levi was a big helper in getting things ready

The girls were awesome and helped me set the tables.

This was the second table set up in my doula room. How do you like those retro colored chairs? I thought they were perfect and was so glad to have them.

Levi is helping Addison wipe them down. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw him climb up them in his skivvies to give his best attempt at washing them like his big sissy.
He's so funny!

And here he is being "Jo Cool"... At least he has clothes on. hahaha

And finally, I thought I'd show our home back to normal after all of the remodeling projects and the holiday. A lot has changed. We've now got new funky-tile floors, new carpet in the living room, new smashed mosaic tile counter tops in the kitchen, as well as, (new to us) sink and stove.
It's great to have everything cleaned up, put back together
and ready for our next big event...
Hope you enjoyed

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