Monday, March 29, 2010

Beautiful Day At The Park

Today was beautiful outside. 
We decided it was the kind of day to go out and smell the flowers and play at the park.

Addison received a package in the mail...Yes, after spending the night with Tyler (her birth sibling), they had to mail her ipod cord back to her.  I swear, those girls ALWAYS leave something when they spend the night at each other's houses.  Levi was ready to ride his bike to the park.  He dressed himself I might add... and was set to go with his make shift sword in hand. LoL

Addison and her friend Jaina
Bob loves the kids and he loves going to the park.  He actually broke his neck a few years back when the kids tied him to a tree and he couldn't get to them when they were playing.  Just look at his concerned face....all of those Beagle/Sharpe wrinkles. hahaha 

Levi made a new little friend too.

Can't go to the park and not roll down the hill a few times :))

Levi realized I was down the hill walking Bob and decided to run...I mean, roll down to me....

What a champ!
But as fun as that was... He never stops and was off to catch up with his sister.
We had a great time and I guess the weather is supposed to be beautiful all week so hopefully we will get to spend lots more time outside. 


Brandy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day!

embieadoptmom said...


Angela said...

How fun is that?!! Love the pics! Bring them on! Cheering for you, friend!

Angela said...

Thanks for your sweet comment today! We're very busy. I'm trying to get lots done before next week!

I want to see more pics from you,girl!