Friday, March 12, 2010

Green Soup...And Oh So Good For You :))

I have found an amazing new way to take in my greens and fill my body with those vitamins that I can't seem to get from the foods I'm eating. I call it my cup of green soup.
Each morning instead of the coffee I used to drink I now drink a hot cup of green soup. My diabetic blood sugar levels are testing amazing and man, my body loves me.

I only use organic ingredients and try to find the greenest veggies I can find.
I blend everything together. Here are some of the ingredients I blend in my soup.

Olive oil


Bailey helps by smashing and peeling lots of fresh garlic
Thanks Bailey :)

Collard Greens

Dandelion Leaves




I blend it all together with parmesan cheese, basiel, broccoli and a touch of salt (very little)

Ummmm... taisty bunch of goo lol

I then spoon it into ice cube tays for individual servings

And freeze
See... I do drink it and although it take a few times of drinking it to get used to it, It's not too bad.

I store them in big freezer bags and in each cup of soup I add two of the cubes as one serving.

And it's good to the last drop.

(Friendship Clause)
Don't forget to brush your teeth or chew a bit of gum after drinking it or your friends won't like you. It's very garlic and onion potent. lol :)

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DeHesaFam said...

LOL! that is great, i can see why it would cause someone to gag while listening to the ingredients.. :)