Thursday, April 29, 2010

No, No, No...No...Okay, just one! LOL

It's spring and look what Levi made me do.  LOL  
We went to the store and came home with 10 very sweet, little chicks. 

I tried to be strong and I told Levi No!! several times, until his big eyes wore me down. 

As we were leaving the store I said..."Levi, your daddy's going to have a cow!"   

Oh well, What's a mother to do?
Too Funny!  


Angela said...

Seriously! What are you gonna do with them?!!!

Tracy Waring said...

LOL Well, we do have a chicken yard and coop that has been empty for several years and the kids have used it as a play house. I just have to now get out there and fix it up again for chickens. I've missed having them around and the kids love them too. Just NO Roosters this time!! My poor neighbors. Geeze LOL

DDawson said...

well, if Richard has a cow then you will officially have a farm! haha