Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grandma's 70th Birthday

Saturday we went to Fort Scott, Kansas to celebrate my mother-in-laws 70th birthday. 

Happy Birthday Mom :)

I have to be honest and say that with as busy as we've been this past month and with all of the frustrations with our embryo waiting, I really wasn't feeling up to going  out of town and celebrating anything.  I even told my husband that I felt maybe he and the kids should go without me.  Then, just a few hours before getting ready to go, I decided to suck it up, put my shoes on... and just go.  As soon as we arrived, I felt the tiredness and heaviness of my heart just lift and I was so glad I'd come.  My In-Laws were so sweet and such a pleasure to be around.  Their smiles and excitement to see the kids was awesome too.  The room was already set up for the party and a lunch was set out for us to enjoy before the celebration began. 
We all sat around a pre-school table in the Sunday school room to eat.
Here is my MIL, hubby, FIL, cousin Michaela, Addi, Aunt Brenda, Bailey, and Levi

Before people started arriving, we snapped a few pics of everyone.
This is Richard's family

It was Grandma's big day so here's one with her grand kids

And one with Grandpa too

The grand kids

My hubby with his sister, Brenda... she's the oldest

Aunt Brenda with her daughter Michaela

Our family

Cousin Michaela

Our kids...
Bailey, Levi, and Addison

As we sat and waited for the party to begin and people to show up, the kids played with Grandpa.
Just watching them interact together got me to thinking about the fact that Grandpa, Grandma and many of the relatives are getting up there in years and just how important it is for all of us to have this time together.   Once this thought hit my heart I grabbed my camera and began snapping pictures of everyone.  Life is short and way too busy, I don't want to take for granted, anyone here, assuming that they will always be around in my life.  I don't want to miss this opportunity to love and enjoy each and every person who walks through the door to celebrate with us; knowing that it might be a long time again, before I see their faces and these small moments with them could be our last and precious.   

Aunt Brenda spoiling the kids with treats she'd saved for them.

 Levi sharing his love with his beloved Auntie

Me sneaking in close to my MIL and loving on her

As people entered the room and hugs continued to happen, I realized just how special this moment in time was for each of us.  If I had given in to my business, tiredness, and frankly lack of wanting to be social, I would have missed this opportunity to love on those I have not seen for years, nor will possibly ever see again.  As time  has sliped by and months turned into years, I am saddened that I haven't taken advantage of more of these opportunities to be with the people I love and call family. 

So many much loved and missed distant Cousins, Aunts and Uncles... And wonderful friends

... Like Richard's Great Aunt Gladys who I have not seen in years. 
 Oh how I've missed her!

Bailey cut and served 4 large cakes.

Aunt Barbara, Aunt Mary, Aunt Effie...
And others...

All together there were 92 people who came to say happy birthday to my MIL.

The girls with their Great Uncle Donnie

And Great Aunt Kathleen

Have you ever noticed how there can be 100 other chairs in the room, but still your babies (no matter how big they are) want to sit on your lap?  LOL 

Then... once one of your kids is perched on your knee, soon another will follow.  :))

And before you know it...all of your kidos are in the picture.  I love it!
Poor Levi...Mom's lap just couldn't hold him too.  Hahaha

All in all, we had a wonderful time and I'm so glad we came.  I look forward to the next time when our family's will see each other again.

Thank you Lord for changing my heart and helping me to set aside everything that is weighing  me down and put those I love, as a greater priority in my life today.  Thank you for showing me the importance of  family and friends and the blessings they bring to my life. 
Jesus, You are so good to me ...Always. 

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