Wednesday, October 15, 2008

4-Wheeling and Loving It!

Last Sunday after church, our family went out to ride 4wheelers with Will, Shay, and Madison (Bailey’s Birthfather & family).

Our family plus Madison

We had a blast!!

Will giving Bailey driving instructions. You have to shift those CRAZY things!

Richard was loving it!


Madison and her Momma :))
The weather was perfect and the dust was a flying…Especially behind Will, Bailey and Richard’s 4-wheelers. They were so fun to watch. They kept racing each other and I’m almost thinking that Bailey had both her dad and Will licked. LOL

Levi with Daddy

Addison decided at one point to flip hers and amazed us all that she walked away without a scratch and was back up and at em’ within a few minutes.

Will kept everyone safe and having fun. He’s very good at making sure no one gets hurt and everyone’s 4 wheeler was in tip-top working condition. We just have such a blast with their family. Shay and I have no problem keeping a conversation going and Levi and Madison played and bonded on the trampoline.
Madison is an only child but has no problem sharing her family, her toys, her chickens...and is a complete doll.

Thank you Maddi :))

Will with Levi

After becoming completely covered with dirt from head to toe, we all took showers and recouped our aching muscles in the hot tub. Who would have guessed I’d have gotten on a 4 wheeler and had such a blast?

Bailey with her dirt mustache

Our kid’s birth families are constantly challenging me to step out beyond my comfort zone and try new things. Addison’s birth family took Bailey for her first HUGE roller coaster ride (I was one freaked out Mamma for that one) LOL. Then, this summer, Will threw me into the lake so now, I’m over my fear of DEEP,DARK, SCARY, Possibly Shark infested (it could happen…LOL) water and love boating.

Me and Levi... Yes, my baby was ridding them too and loving it! We went very slow!!! Hahaha

Spending time with my children’s birth families is a part of my life I would never change and thank the Lord for all the time.

What a blessing our birth families truly are!

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